Beauty Without Boundaries Since 2008

In 2008 Veronika Oganezova founded Ideal Body Clinic as THE go-to place that would fulfil all your beauty and wellness desires. Now, after 9 years in business, we’re proudly largest medical spa in Montreal, serving three locations, and providing you with over 100 treatments and medical esthetics procedures! Every day we’re growing, inventing and innovating! We decided to offer our clients and of course new potential visitors to our spa the full range of beauty and esthetics products to shop with just click of a mouse and tap of a screen!

What makes us unique?

Our team – certified aestheticians, naturopathic and medical doctors. By using the best technology on the market we offer wide range of services to obtain impressive, quick, lasting and sustainable results.

Our secret

We do not aim at removing the problem, but to furthermore analyze the root and cause of the existing health or beauty concern and approach it holistically in order to treat the entire system!
Our beliefs fuel our commitment to offer this impressive range of brands and products; we believe everyone should have access to beauty, regardless of where you are, who you are, and how much you can spend.

We champion the positive power of beauty

we’ve seen it lift moods, kick-start self-confidence, and connect people across cultures and countries.

We celebrate all expressions of beauty and uniqueness

whether it’s a trait you’re born with, or a creative extension of yourself.

We are proudly digital

Striving to be the biggest online retailer in Quebec, we constantly innovate, discover, and share the inspiring things we find all over the world.

Do you have concerns or not sure what products fit your needs? Our weight loss and skin care experts will help you to find the right product for you.
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